Online Proctoring With AI-Powered Tools To Conduct Secure Virtual Exams
Supporting Advanced Technologies

Our Online Examination System Features New-Age Anti-cheating Technology

Our Suite of Online Proctoring Services Ensures Cheating-Free Online Exams

Student Authentication

Multi-factor authentication technology to eliminate the risk of student impersonation.

Proctoring Technology

A comprehensive human-based and AI-based proctoring technology – Live proctoring, auto proctoring and record and review proctoring.

Secure Exam Browser

Secure browser lockdown technology that sanitizes students’ computers by disabling additional tabs, browsers, external ports, etc.

Our Features

We have 5+ Years Of Experience In Conducting End-To-End Virtual Semester Exams

  • Facial Recognition

  • Detection of Mobile Phone

  • Block Background Software

  • Detection of Multiple People


What is Remote Proctoring?

Remote proctoring is the act of invigilating an online exam from any location to clamp down on aberrant behavior or cheating instances to ensure a cheat-free assessment environment. A remotely proctored exam is administered by experienced human proctors, an AI Algorithm, or both to maintain integrity
Supporting Advanced Technologies

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Cheating-Free Exams

A suite of proctoring tools pre-embedded in the system

End-to-end Exam Management

An all-in-one platform to conduct, invigilate and evaluate exams.

A Wide Variety of Exams Possible

26+ question types, including long answer type.

Subjective Questions Support

Upload long answer type questions using QR codes.

Impeccable Security Features

GDPR compliant, data encryption and local servers.

Unmatched Scale

More than 200,000 proctored exams in a day.

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